Why Tailor Made Sports Tours?

The era of cruising holidays is already over. Most of us are looking for a unique kind of experience during our holiday trips. More and more people now prefer to go on sports tours and any sports fan would grab the opportunity, no matter how much it costs. Being able to watch a live game of our favorite sports is definitely the dream! Tailor made sports tours are the kind of luxury sports holidays that can truly maximize your holiday trip and it can also make it as memorable and special as possible. Just the name the places that you would want to visit during your tailor made sports tour and everything would be taken cared of by your travel agent.

The good thing about tailor made sports tour is that you are the captain of your own ship. You are the one who will decide where and when you would want to go during your holiday trip. Of course, aside from following the schedules of the games that you wanted watch. You would hold the upper hand on the other spare time on your tailor-made sports tour. There is no time wasted on tailor made sports tour. With tailor made sports tour, you would truly get your money’s worth since you are the one who would decide for your itinerary.

Spread the Word with Band Merchandise

If you’re in a band, it’s important to market yourself far and wide to spread your appeal and gain even more fans. Band merchandise is a great way of doing this. Designing eye catching and unique band merchandise that your fans can wear or use helps spread the word.

There are so many items of band merchandise to choose. From posters and canvas prints for fans to adorn their walls with to t-shirts that can be worn at your gigs. Featuring your logo, name, website details and even a photograph or two of the band, producing eye-catching and appealing band merchandise will ensure fans are keen to purchase items.

You may also need band merchandise in order to promote upcoming gigs and appearances. Producing band merchandise such as posters, programmes and informational postcards which you can hand out and display at gigs is a fantastic way of spreading the word and making sure your upcoming gigs are well attended. Making sure fans know exactly when you’re playing, band merchandise like this may also catch the eye of new fans, making sure they know exactly where to go if they want to hear you play.

As well as band merchandise, like t-shirts and prints, that you can make a profit on, you may also want to produce some band merchandise which can be given away to fans for free. Simple badges with your band’s name are cheap to produce and can be handed out for free at local gigs and performances. Not only will your fans appreciate the gesture, but as they wear your band merchandise they’ll be helping to spread the word and will be promoting your band everywhere they go.

It couldn’t be easier to produce band merchandise. Simply send your artwork to a company specialising in promotional gifts and they’ll load it on to the items you want to purchase ready for you to approve the design. Decide how many you want to purchase and your band merchandise order is complete. Discounts are available for larger items so you may want to think about ordering band merchandise in bulk to take advantage of cheaper prices.

Sports Rage and the Destructive Out of Control Fans

The start of a new baseball season is usually a reason for fans to rejoice and get excited about their team making its annual run for the coveted World Series Championship title. But for Giants fans, the start of this baseball season was marred by needless violence. After the Dodger’s home opener last week, a 42-year-old father of two who was there to cheer on the Giants was savagely beaten by two Dodger fans inside the parking lot. The two men pummeled Bryan Stow so violently, that he’s now in a coma and suffering from brain damage. His recovery is expected to be a long one. What kind of rage could induce these men to such barbaric acts of viciousness over a baseball game?

Violence in sports or by supporters of sports teams dates back to Roman times. In those days chariot racing teams were popular and it was common for riots to erupt after races. The most notable one was the Nika riots that took place in 532 A.D. The rioting centered in Constantinople and nearly burned half the city down and caused thousands of deaths. At that time there were four major factional teams of chariot racing. Each wore a different color uniform when competing. They were known as the Blues, the Reds, the Greens, and the Whites. Supporters of these teams also wore the corresponding colors. The weeklong rioting that occurred in 532 A.D. was in response to some members of the Blues and Greens having been arrested for murder in connection with a riot that had broken out after a recent chariot race. It had resulted in a number of deaths. Instead of being hanged for murder, the accused were imprisoned instead, sparking anger from the mob. Politics had a lot to do with stirring up the already enraged masses of people waiting to pounce and get revenge.

There are numerous examples to cite throughout history where sports and violence intermingled. English soccer fans known as football hooligans had such a violent reputation that they were actually banned from European competition for six years after the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985. Thirty-nine people died and six hundred were injured as a result of the rioting that occurred before the start of the 1985 European Cup Final between Liverpool of England and Juventas of Italy. A wall had collapsed from the pressure of Juventas supporters trying to escape from the English hooligans.

Deaths sometimes result from these extreme acts of aggression from sports fans. An unfortunate incident transpired after Colombia lost 2-1 in a match against the United States during the 1994 FIFA World Cup. A Colombian player named Andres Escobar accidentally scored an autogoal giving the Americans the win. When Escobar returned to Colombia, he was confronted outside a bar in Medellin by an outraged fan who shot Andres six times and killed him.

Fan violence is worldwide. After a 2002 FIFA World Cup match in Zimbabwe, thirteen people were trampled to death in a riot that erupted when the team from South Africa defeated Zimbabwe. During a 1993 tennis match in Germany, a Steffi Graf fan stabbed Monica Seles during a changeover.

Sometimes celebrations turn destructive. Los Angeles Lakers fans celebrating a victory over the Indiana Pacers in the 2000 NBA finals decided to storm the streets of L.A. to light bonfires and dance and stomp on parked cars. They even overturned a news van. After the Detroit Tigers defeated the Padres in the 1984 World Series, violence ensued outside Tiger Stadium resulting in overturned vehicles including an overturned Detroit Police car that was left burning.

Whether fan violence is related to nationalism, or as an outlet for underlying social tensions, or perhaps even too much testosterone mixed with alcohol, the destructive results remain the same. The damage and deaths it brings with it always touches the lives of those affected by it. People searching to find meaning behind it all may instead find themselves hitting a dead end.

Connecting Sports Fans – Sports Social Networking

Are you die-hard Sports Fans? Would you like to share your sports knowledge with other like-minded people? If yes, then quickly register on to the sports social networking medium. Sports social networking medium is growing by leaps and bounds. You all would agree with the fact that by and large, the social networking has impacted the entire human race. For most people, life without social site is unimaginable. Right from hunting a soul mate to clinching business deals, most people are relying on these social mediums. With the numbers thriving, people all across are getting acquainted with each other and interacting on various topics of their interests.

Today, these medium are leading businesses and are popular around the globe. Many Sports Fans social networking sites are developed by many webmasters. Sports social network is an extensive medium for all sports enthusiasts who just cannot get sports out of their minds. This medium is designed especially for them to share sports wisdom with the world. Besides, they can connect and build relations with other sports freaks. This is how they can discuss various games, players and be abreast in regard with the world of sports.

Whether you are College Football Fans or College Basketball Fans, you can easily join Sports Fans social medium. On various columns of social media, you can pick hordes of games, and share information and content about any sports. On the social site, every sports lover can challenge any team and play along with joining and creating team as well. You can even create and customize your sports profile unlike conventional social sites. Yes, you can upload your favorite sport teams’ videos, photographs and write blogs too.

Do you belong to Arizona and have a strong liking for Arizona Football and Arizona Basketball teams? If yes, then wait no more, you can voice your opinion on Sports Fans social site. Through this medium, Arizona fan can share just about any minute detail about the state. Yes, this sports medium is open to wider varieties of information. They are a wider and easier mode for sports participants, team-mates, challengers and organizers to find each other online. Along with joining your favorite team, you can join groups and plan any small time sports event in the city with other members.

Furthermore, you can discuss sports activities and gather to play the sport activity. In addition to this, a sports freak can talk on the forums through Sports Fans social media. As a matter fact, these social media can be termed as the mini news sports channel. Here, you can get all the latest happenings about the sports world. As sports lover, to be in tune with the trends, join such social site, here your voice will not be overpowered by a screaming crowd and you will feel pepped up all time. Join such a sports social site where people come to with one purpose in mind and one purpose is to just talk about sports. An apt research can land you onto the best sports social site. So, hurry up and express your love for sports now!